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The White Rose Classic cycle sportive is not a race, but a sportive for a wide range of riders.  It features three distinct routes to suit your experience and riding style.  We’ve had fast riders blitz the Short Route, and leisurely riders tackle the Long Route for a great day out.

We host registration on the British Cycling site.  You need to register for one of the routes, but you can change your mind when you Sign On.

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A lot of work goes into making everything run smoothly on the day.  Once you have registered, find out below about the Event logistics so your day starts fast – and ends safely!  There are 3 amply-stocked feed stations to keep you going out on the road.

And keep a smile on your face, because SportSunday is our event photographer, catching you on some of the toughest climbs.

White Rose Classic Cycle Sportive

The White Rose Classic cycle event is enjoyed by 1000 riders, who often bring their friends and families. There are also 100+ Ilkley Cycling Club volunteers needed to make the Event run smoothly. To accommodate this crowd, we have reserved the entire area of East Holmes Field, just north of the town centre for the Event Headquarters (HQ).

– Denton Road, Ilkley LS29 0BZ
– HQ is open from:06:00 until 18:30
– Ample Free Event Parking is available on the field – follow the signs.
– There are toilets and changing facilities.

Secure your bike! We have never had trouble during the event, and we would like to keep it that way.

Please follow these simple, common-sense rules: Although we provide bike racks, this is an unsecured location. You are responsible for your bike – consider locking locking it.

The same is true at all the feed stations. Don’t assume that because others have left their bikes unattended that it is safe to leave your bike.

Chances are you will be driving to the White Rose Classic. There is train service to Ilkley from Leeds, but only a limited number of bikes are allowed on trains, particularly at peak times.

If you have not finished by 18:30 (or, preferably when you know you cannot make it on time), call Event HQ at the number on your Event Wristband. Meal service ends at 18:30. Even if you arrive just under the time limit, you may not have enough time to get a meal.


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All participants must pre-register using the online registration system hosted by British Cycling. If the Event is not full (though we expect to reach our 1000 rider limit in June), then a limited number of on-the-day-registrations will be accepted.

Before you can ride, however, you must Sign On at Event HQ. No matter which route you selected when you registered online for the event, you can select a different route at Sign On.  Long and Medium Route riders note Sign-On time closing below.

  • We close online registration once the event is full (1000 riders) or, in any case, at midnight on Friday, 22 June.
  • Sign On at Event HQ is open from 06:00 until 09:00
    • Long Route Sign On closes at 07:30
    • Medium closes at 08:30
  • You must present printed identification (credit card, drivers licence, etc.) in order to Sign On.
  • You will be asked to confirm your emergency contact details
  • Riders aged 16 and 17 need to hand in a parental consent form and be accompanied by an adult.
  • Sorry, no riders under the age of 16 can participate


The White Rose Classic cycle event is non-competitive, i.e. not a race!  If you ride recklessly or endanger others, whether on the road, at Feed Stations, timing points, or anywhere else while an Event Participant, you will be asked to drop out of the event.

Each year we make a significant donation to a local charity from the proceeds of the Event.  In 2018, we donated £2700 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as our designated charity.  Please ride safely so they can have the day off!

– You must have a hard-shell helmet conforming to CE standard EN1078 to be allowed to start.

– We do not allow Tri-bars in the Event. They are a potential danger to other riders in the event of an accident. If you show up with them, you will be asked to remove them before starting.

– We recommend that you carry a printed form of identification with your with name, address, and emergency contact details in the event of an accident.

– There will be Ride Marshals at the start/finish, at the timing points and feed stations, and at a select few locations along the road. They are there for everyone’s safety. Please follow their directions. If they want you to slow down or stop, it is for a good reason!

In the event of emergency during the White Rose Classic cycle sportive, there are contact numbers to call on the Event Wristband given to you at Sign On.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance


Timing wristband

The White Rose Classic is non-competitive, but that does not mean that we do not offer you the chance to track your time on the route.  We track your Start and Finish, as well as your time at key intermediate points, Grassington, Hawes, Settle, and finally at the top of the last climb, Langbar.

Your times will be ‘live’ on the Web from when you first Sign On in the morning and are given a wristband with a chip in it.  Whenever you dib your chip, e.g. at the Start, at Grassington, etc., the data is immediately posted to the White Rose Classic Live Timing site.

Friends and family will be able to monitor your progress through each timing point.  This year, once you have reached Grassington, we will start to post your estimated time of arrival a the subsequent timing points, including Langbar and the Finish, so friends and family will know when to expect you.


– Proceed to the start area at the front of the Event HQ area.

– The Start Marshal will give you a short rider briefing .

– Marshals will group riders to start together, coordinating with road marshals for safety.

– After starting, you do not have to continue to ride with the people you start with, but please follow directions from Marshals. They are there for everyone’s safety. Timing starts when you dib your wristband chip at the start.


– We turn the Start line into the Finish line after 09:30. You need to cross it both at the Start and Finish to get your time registered.

– Please dismount after finishing.

– Walk your bike to the racks provided.

– We close the finish line at 18:30 – call HQ if you are not there by that time!

– Now for a hearty meal. Your Event Wristband is your meal voucher. If you are hungry for more, or have friends/family with you, you can purchase the meal for a very reasonable price.