Terms & Conditions


Entry Conditions

  • Riders must have a suitable and road worthy road bike to take part in the event. We DO NOT allow the following bike types: BMX’s, Fat Bikes, Uni Cycle or fold up bikes. No Tri Bars either.
    • Electric bikes are also not permitted although we are reviewing this for our 2022 event.
  • 3 routes are on offer by the White Rose Classic – all charged at the same entry fee. Once your entry is accepted you are free to change your route choice either before, at registration or during the ride. There is no extra charge for this option.
    • If you choose to change your route prior to the event, please contact us at info@whiteroseclassic.org.uk
    • If can also notify us at ‘registration’ on event day or if changing whilst on the course, please notify a volunteer at the next feed stop you arrive at.
  • Riders must provide photographic proof of identity at sign on. No proof of identify will result no number or timing chip being provided.
  • When arriving at the start line you must have you Helmet on and fastened. No Helmet = no ride!
  • Entry is open to anyone aged 16 or over, 16 & 17 year olds must be accompanied by an adult on the day and provide parental consent. 16yr olds must turn 16 on or after the 1st Jan 2022. Parental consent must be sent to info@whiteroseclassic.org.uk before the event.
  • You accept that routes may be subject to last minute change due to unforeseen circumstances. i.e. Road closures.

Entrant Disclaimer:

When submitting my entry, I have read and agreed to abide by the following declarations.

  • You agree to abide by the British Cycling Regulations for non-competitive cycling events and understand and agree that you participate in this event entirely at my own risk, that you must rely on your own ability in dealing with all hazards, and that you must ride in a manner which is safe to yourself and others.
  • You agree to follow the signed route, follow all instructions from event marshals at the start/finish line, at key points on route and at the feed stations. They are there for your safety.
  • You agree the event is not a race and as the event is run on open roads, you agree to follow the highway code, respect fellow cyclists and road users, and that you must decide whether any maneuver is safe.
  • You agree that no liability whatsoever shall attach to the promoter, promoting club/Organisation, event sponsor, British Cycling or any event official in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by yourself in or by reason of the event however caused. You will participate in this cycling event in a loyal and sporting manner.

Entry Refund Policy

Once your entry is confirmed the White Rose Classic operate a ‘No refund’ policy should you not be able to attend the event. We offer the following options should you not able to attend:

Transfer: You can transfer your entry to a friend/family member at no extra charge. To transfer your entry, you must notify us at least 7 days before the event takes place. If notification is within 7 days of the event this will at the discretion of the event team to determine if the transfer request can be processed in time.

Defer: You can choose to defer your entry for 1 year, to defer you must notify is at least 4 weeks before the event, (for our 2022 event this will be by Sunday 5th June). After this date the only option is to transfer your entry to a friend/family member or if the event has sold out, we can allocate to someone on a waiting list and then refund your fee.

To transfer or defer please email: info@whiteroseclassic.org.uk

*Once an entry has been deferred you cannot defer again.

Event Cancellation:

Non COVID-19: Should we need to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances outside the control of White Rose Classic. Entries in principle will be carried forward to the following year. Contact will be made with entrants to confirm the reason for cancellation and if a refund is an option.

COVID-19: If we are unable to run the event due COVID-19, e.g. Local or National government lockdown then White Rose Classic will offer a ‘refund’. The refund option will be within a defined time period, determined by the event team. If not exercised entries will be deferred to the following year. The ‘refund’ option will not be available if we need to cancel within 8 weeks of the event date.