cycling nutrition

As great as the riding is on the White Rose Classic, it is the food and drink, your cycling nutrition – along with your legs – that powers you for the day.  With that in mind, we have spaced three fully-stocked Feed Stations, and one drinks-only ‘Splash and Dash’ location out on the road. Which ones you visit depend on the route you are riding.

Grassington cycling nutrition
Grassington split


Everyone on all three routes passes through Grassington, so we put out a spectacular spread here.  Whether you just want to top up drinks, or are looking for more substantial sustenance, the Grassington Feed Station will match your needs. All Routes: Mile 30. First timing point is here. Open: 07:45-13:00

  • The Feed Station is in the car park at the National Park Centre.
  • You’ll get a chance to enjoy authentic Yorkshire hospitality: Fresh water/energy drinks to refill your bottles Pastries, fresh fruit, and home-made, savoury sandwiches.
  • You can also grab traditional cycling nutrition: gels and bars to eat on the roll. (Remember to stuff the wrappers back in your jersey to deposit at the next stop – not on the road!)

Toilets are available across the car park on the other side of the National Parks Visitor Center. There are turnstiles there, but we have arranged for the National Park to make access free of charge for the day. Please use the toilets – not the walls or bushes in the car park.

The Grassington Festival will be in full swing, meaning that the town will be hopping even more than normal. Please be especially mindful of pedestrians!

In the centre of Grassington, a couple of hundred yards after the Feed Station, the Short Route bears left, while the Medium and Long Routes turn right onto Wood Lane, immediately after Main Street, also on the right.


Long Route only: Mile 53

Open 09:00-13:30

We are hosted at the renowned Wensleydale Creamery, which is on the route as you come into Hawes.  (If you have ridden the White Rose Classic in the past, note the route change in Gayle that leads directly to the Creamery.) Please be aware that the Creamery is very popular. Give way to cars and pedestrians in the area.

– This feed station promises a taste of something different – a sample of Wensleydale Cheeses.  It may not be traditional cycling nutrition, but make note of what you like, we’ll have truckles available for sale when you get back to Ilkley!

– Toilets are in the main building next to the feed station.  You can go around to the side entrance on the right.

After leaving Hawes, the big challenge is the Coal Road climb, followed immediately by the long drag up to Dent Head.  You might be getting a bit hot and in need of quick refreshment.  So we have teamed  with the well-known Pen-Y-Ghent Cafe in Horton-in-Ribblesdale (around mile 75) for a Splash and Dash station.  If you need more than water or energy drink, then pop into the Cafe. They offer White Rose Classic riders a discount on hot tea or orange squash, and their prices are reasonable for a full range of meals.

Wensleydale Creamery
Pen-Y-Ghent Cafe
Town End Farm Shop cycling nutrition


Medium Route: Mile 58

Long Route: Mile 89

Open: 10:30-16:30

We are hosted in Airton at the locally famous Town End Farm Shop and Cafe. They offer great facilities and we will lay on a delicious spread for your growing appetite, including tasters of locally made chorizo.  It is at this point in the ride that your cycling nutrition becomes very important.

This feed station is about 100 yards off the main route toward Kirkby Malham. When leaving, head back south along the road you came on.

We ask all riders to observe some common-sense rules while in the Village:

Roadways – Follow the route signs and be patient with local drivers. If you have to wait a few extra seconds because of a confused driver, then please be patient rather than squeezing past.

Noise – try to remember that people live here and really don’t want to hear the loud conversations of cyclists going by all day.

Toilets – available in the Town End Farm Cafe. Please do not relieve yourself outside anywhere around here!

We want to be invited back every year and to be remembered positively as good citizens. Please help make a good impression.


So you have made it back to Ilkley after a long day in the saddle – congratulations!  Hungry, eh?  We have a piping hot meal all ready for you at Event Headquarters.  We’ll be featuring locally made frankfurters from Lishman’s of Ilkley.

Your entry fee covers the cost of the after-ride meal.  Meals will be available from 13:30 until 18:30.  Exchange your event wristband for a free meal.  If you have friends or family who want to join, the meal is available for all at a very reasonable fee.

No need to rush off, either.  Your first beer from the Ilkley Brewery bar will be at a special price, and you can purchase soft drinks as well.  There will be tables set up so you can be comfortable as you cheer riders in to the live music from Hattie Barnes and Declan Vink, while savouring something sweet from Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream.

Hattie Barnes